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Inner Space is a contemporary chamber gallery founded in the West Side neighborhood of Jersey City, NJ in December of 2016. After a brief hietus, we have relocated to Dallas, TX. 217 sqft of charming residential space has been transformed into an exhibition and performance space.


The idea of Inner Space operating as a chamber gallery originated from the concept of chamber music which began during the 5th century and continues today. Chamber pieces were traditionally performed in palace rooms, composed for small groups of musicians. Noted for its social and intimate nature not typically found in orchestral works. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe described chamber piece as "rational people conversing."


Inner Space has expanded this conversational paradigm to a creator, audience relationship in which the artist/ curator introduces a body of work and then the public subsequently "responds" by creating a critical dialogue that acts as a catalyst to the possibility of shifting existing viewpoints. It is the goal of Inner Space to engage in a dynamic mix of contemporary visual, performing, literary and media art, in hopes of creating an atmosphere of active engagement with new and traditional knowledge structures.


Although Inner Space operates as a no-profit organization, we will gladly facilitate introductions of patrons and artists.

Gallery Specs

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